20 years of experience with the management team. Melting together founded in 2539

by working experience troubleshooting, design, a lecturer and research. Problems with

development of spirit and their experiences as team Best Direction Co., Ltd. Systems.

Gradually until harvest problem is intelligence. Climate control technology exists, aseptic

power on behalf of "ANALYST" HEAT RECOVERY technology to control temperature

and humidity. Which is recognized as a system that can power the best at present to

develop a product to suit.

* Hospitals, clinics, laboratories (LABORATORY).

* Pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and GMP PIC/S.

* Plant Food GMP standards or ISO.

* Electronics manufacturing Electronics to have clean air.

* Plants that require humidity control for energy saving.

* Hotels, shopping malls, office buildings preferred. Good weather


R & D team to develop devices and materials. The right to use or using sterile

CLEANROOM for the hospital continue. Its registered capital of 30 million

baht paid-up capital 30 million Baht

Heart of the team. We recognize and realize the opportunities presented to us.

We understand, experience, integrity with commitment. Refund good things for

this society fairly.